The Shed

"It was about not being willing to compromise,"
states Daniel Wise when asked what the
motivation was behind building his own studio.
The Shed is a penthouse studio located in the heart
of Manhattan. The studio holds a racked Neve
8038 console that was previously owned
by the Kinks and resided at Konk Studios, and an
Amek 9098i. "I created this studio as a vehicle for
musical self-expression. Other studios
in New York have some gret gear and good
live rooms, but still make you feel like you
are just a client.
I want artists to come to The Shed and
feel as though they have escaped from the
outside world for a while to a place where
they have control of the creative process
and get the sense that anything is possible.
That's my job as a producer- getting the
artists voice out, letting them hear their
own thoughts, without interruption."